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305 Integrative Topics in Counseling

This course serves to integrate many of the topics and models learnt during the first 2 years at Torat Hanefesh. We will see how everything comes together into a complete therapeutic picture when guiding those seeking our help.


1 semester / R. Ephraim Ehrenberg

306 Mysteries from the Realm of Chaos

Despite the somewhat "spiritual" title, this course is quite down to earth. In it, we will look at different states of pathology in the psyche and their origin in the World of Chaos. We will also learn how each of these states is rectified by a particular aspect of the World of Rectification. We will also learn why these states are becoming more common in our generation, and how to properly cope with them.
Some of the topics discussed are: origins of the World of Chaos and how it affects us; types of chaos – sustainable and unsustainable; shattering and enclothing in life and in the psyche; psychological balance and homeostasis through run and return. 

1 semester / R. Moshe Genuth 

    2015-16 Jerusalem Program Registration

    Our program in Jerusalem for the coming year begins on October 19th, 2015.
    Women's First Year and Women's Third Year programs are available this academic year.

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    Torat Hanefesh in the News

    Arutz 7 did a really nice piece about our recent conference, including interviews with some of our students.

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