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Registration Guidelines

Note that these guidelines are for students attending our English-speakers program in Jerusalem


1. Annual tuition fee for 5774 (2013-14) is

5,100 NIS for first year students
6,500 NIS for third year students


2. First year students who register by the 25th of Elul will receive a discounted rate of 4,800 NIS


3. To register, please call our office at (02) 5662323 to receive the current bulletin.


4. Tuition payments can be divided into 12 equal installments.


5. Payment can be delivered to us either

in cash at our office in Bat Ayin, or at one of the one-day seminars.

by checks in person at our office, or by mail to: Torat Hanefesh P.O.B. 98, Bat Ayin, D.N. Tzfon Yehuda, 90913.

by credit card. Please Call 02-5662323 to have your payment processed.

by bank transfer to our account: Mizrachi-Tefachot Bank (Bank #20), Alon Shevut Branch (#454), Account number 169429.


6. Please attach a passport sized picture to your Registration Form.


7. There is a 300 NIS discount on cash prepayment for first year students and 500 NIS for third year students.


8. Requests for scholarships must be submitted in writing to the scholarship committee. The request must include: 1) a description of the importance of the studies in this field for the potential student; 2) a description of the financial difficulties involved in paying the entire sum; and, 3) the scholarship amount requested.


Canceling your registration


1. We offer a money-back guarantee on tuition payments for first year students.If during the first 2 weeks of the first semester you feel that you would like to terminate your studies at Torat Hanefesh, your payments will be refunded in full.


2. If after two weeks but before the end of 3 months from the beginning of studies there are extenuating circumstances that require you to terminate your studies, a written request should be sent to the Torat Hanefesh office detailing the circumstances. If your requested is accepted, you will be charged for 1 more month of studies and the remainder will be reimbursed.


3. Students wishing to terminate their studies after 3 months will be charged the complete annual tuition, unless substantial evidence of exceptional circumstances is offered.


4. All termination of studies requests should be sent in writing to the Torat Hanefesh office.


For questions and more details please call the office at 02-5662323. For personal matters and/or special situations, please call the program coordinator, Rabbi Noam Shapira at 050-8884177.

    2015-16 Jerusalem Program Registration

    Our program in Jerusalem for the coming year begins on October 19th, 2015.
    Women's First Year and Women's Third Year programs are available this academic year.

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