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201 Faith and Confidence (Emunah Vebitachon)

201 Faith and Confidence (Emunah Vebitachon)

This is the 2nd foundational course taught at Torat Hanefesh (the first three being Rectifying the Ego). It is based on an article by the same name in Harav Ginsburgh’s volume, Lev Lada’at and provides an in-depth review and discussion of faith in God and self-confidence, what each is and what role each plays in our Avodat Hashem; whether they contradict or complement one another; and, how function to create mental and psychological health.
Just as selflessness and lowliness function together to rectify the ego, faith and confidence function together in bringing us to fulfill our mission in life. This is a year-long course.

2 semesters / R. Moshe Genuth

302 Restoring Emotional Health

Emotional health is necessary for leading a productive family and social life. When the emotional faculties are dysfunctional they either fall into a negative state or are even replaced by their opposites. In this course, we will survey the Torah’s treatment of the fallen states of the emotions, their opposite states (represented by the 7 Canaanite nations) and how to restore their proper, healthy functions.

1 semester / Rebbetzin Esther Kitov

303 Wondrous Female Counselors

In this course we will look at the psychotherapeutic dimensions of stories told about wondrous Jewish women throughout history.


1 semester / R. Nir Menussi

304 Stories that Heal the Soul

The Ba’al Shem Tov used storytelling to heal souls. In this course we will delve into the wealth of stories told about the Ba’al Shem Tov and try to hear them as if he were telling them himself. In this way, we will learn the torah that the Ba’al Shem Tov taught first-hand and reveal the power to heal the soul that is latent in every true story.


1 semester / Mrs. Rachel Gordon

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    Our program in Jerusalem for the coming year begins on October 19th, 2015.
    Women's First Year and Women's Third Year programs are available this academic year.

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    Torat Hanefesh in the News

    Arutz 7 did a really nice piece about our recent conference, including interviews with some of our students.

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